Art by Kathy Michels

Artist Bio

     I have always loved art and always felt the need to create. At 13, I received my first byline and was hooked creating stories as a young journalist.  In high school I became news editor and went on to win a state award in journalism. I learned how to paint pictures with the use of words. My creativity flourished through my human interest stories and my photojournalism. But as a lupus patient, my door to journalism would have to close. God opened another door and showed me the light. The door led to a rainbow of colors and a world full of art. Art allows those of us who are ill to paint places we can only dream of seeing. It allows us, if only for a moment, to be a part of a group of people. Somehow for that moment, we forget that we are sick. My stories now flow from my brushes. I dream of a world I will only experience when my brushes bring  simple pieces of paper to life.