Art by Kathy Michels

Community News - I am one several artists from the Harrisburg Art Assoc. that have been selected to show our work at the Hershey Marriot.  We will be doing a meet and greet with those in attendance.  This event is part of the Children's Miracle Network. In addition art supplies will be collected at the event and go to Pennsylvania Children's Hospital in Hershey.  I am so excited to be part of this event!   



One of the greatest gifts we can give is to share our love of art with others.  There are so many ways to be involved.  For me, it has been in the form of working with children.  I have held free weekly classes on my porch for children in the neighborhood.  I teach watercolor and the freedom they have with this wonderful medium.  I also work with drawing and teach them with a simple piece of paper and pencil how they can practice and have a blast.  

I also had the opportunity to volunteer several years in a row working with area school children as they wrote and illustrated their own books.  I also worked with a children's art show.  The selected winners artwork went on display in a gallery in Europe.

Art is such an important part of our lives.  It is just amazing to see children's eyes light up when they complete their first drawing or when they realize it took an artist to design things they use everyday.  They start to realize how important colors are and how they affect mood and our daily life.  What an impact this can have on their lives!